PaganPaths IRC Network

The PaganPaths IRC Network is an online chat community run for Pagans, by Pagans. We strive to make this a place free of religious tensions, a home for all Pagans as well as those from other paths, where we can all learn, grow and share our beliefs.

As well as during what seems to be a period of global Religous and Sectarian Strife, to offer a Safe Haven to All Paths to join in friendly Communion; Pagan, Christian, Muslim, Taoist... All Paths are welcome here to share in the diversity of spiritual philosophy.

Everyone is welcome! PaganPaths is open to all, from curious to seeker, beginning student to experienced practitioner. We welcome all levels of experience to create a diverse atmosphere, because learning comes from all spectrums.

We take on this endeavor of our own volition. We are a private server, we have no commercial, advertising or other outside funding. We have created this network with the purpose of allowing Seekers of All Paths to have a comfortable online community.

In addition to our Internet Relay Chat service, we maintain a 'Bulletin Board' type service for a more permanent venue of discussion and interchange of ideas. This service can be accessed through the 'Bulletin Board' link to the right. You need to be registered to access the majority of the fora, simply click 'Register' once you arrive there.

As well we offer PaganPaths CyberRadio, featuring an eclectic mix of the best of Creative Commons, Artistic License and other Free License music. "PPCR" has recently returned after the depredations of the dread RIAA. We hope to return it to its former vigor and popularity soon! More information is available on our Bulletin Board.

If you wish to join us from your browser through our JavaChat Gateway, simply click here, or open your favorite IRC client and type: /server 6667 then /join #paganpaths

Our main chat room is #PaganPaths, and our main help room is #Help. Each Friday we have Open Discussion on Pagan / Witchcraft / 'Magickal' topics, with an occasional lesson presented by an experienced practitioner. These are at 8:30 US Eastern time or 21:30 UTC, in channel #MysticRealm. Visit our Help Web pages for information on creating your own room. We hope to see you soon.

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