Welcome to PaganPaths IRC services help page.

We have 3 services bots. These include:

This service includes basic commands to control a channel and its functions. This service will be one of the main 2 that you will need to know. The other is NickServ.

NickServ is a service which allows users on our net, to register their nicknames and prevent other users from stealing them. It also provides other uses for registered nicks.

MemoServ is a service which allows you to send brief messages to online or offline people, as long as their nickname has been registered.

JavaHelp For instructions on how to add our JavaIRC to your Site.

To download an IRC Client such as mIRC or pIRCh, you can visit and download one from our List .
For help on how to connect to our server network, there are instructions located on our server   page.