PaganPaths IRC Network

How To Register a Channel

If you don't already have a channel but would like to register a channel the  following are instructions on registering a channel on PaganPaths IRC.

To Register a Channel you must first register your NickName to do this type:

/msg nickserv register <password>

without the brackets <>. Passwords must be more then 5 characters long.

In order to maintain your operator status for your new channel you must identify with Nickserv every time you log on to the server. You can do this by typing:

/msg nickserv identify <password>

After Registering your Nickname make the channel you want to register by typing:

/Join #YourChannelName

When  you enter the channel look on the nickname list and make sure your nickname has  an @symbol in front of it.

Then type :

/msg chanserv register <channelname> <password> description_of_channel

Again without the brackets <>.

You are now  a new channel owner. To have your channel op you automatically when you join the channel type:

/msg chanserv access <#channelname> add <nickname> level

NickNames must be registered to become op'd. Levels consist of 1-10, 10 being channel manager.

Remember you must identify with nickserv when you log onto the server in order for chanserv to op you. Otherwise it will assume it is another user, using  your nickname and won't op them for security sake.

For more information  you feel free to use the online help  or ask an operator or admin.

We Hope to see you soon. Good luck with your channel and java chat.

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