Common Commands
/join #channel Joins the IRC channel (i.e., chat room) #channel.
/leave #channel Leaves the channel #channel.
/list Shows a list of all active channels.
/me message Performs an action as specified by message.
Example: Typing /me hops up and down will appear as * YourNickHere hops up and down
/msg nick message Privately sends message to nick.
/quit reason Disconnects from PaganPaths, and optionally allows you to give a reason for your departure.
/whois nick Shows information about nick.
Extended Commands
/alias alias_name command Creates an alias for an existing command.
/clear  Clears the display. 
/ctcp nick parameter Requests special info about nick. Valid parameters are: PING, FINGER, VERSION, TIME, USERINFO, CLIENTINFO. 
/invite #channel nick Invites nick to join #channel
/kick #channel nick Ejects nick out of #channel (Only useable by channel operators). 
/lusers  Shows statistics for the server. 
/map  Lists all PaganPaths servers.
/mode parameters Changes your mode on the server, or the mode of the channel you type it on (Only useable by channel operators). 
/motd  Shows the Message of the Day. 
/msg nick message Privately sends message to nick
/names Lists users connected to PaganPaths.
/nick nick Changes your nick to nick unless someone else is already using it. 
/notify nick Prints a message in your status window when nick signs on or off of PaganPaths. 
/query nick Opens a window that automatically /msg's any text typed in to nick
/quote command Sends command directly to the server.
/raw command Same as /quote.
/topic #channel new_topic Shows the topic of #channel, or, if a new_topic is included, changes the topic. On most channels you have to have channel operator status to change the topic.
/who wildcard_mask Lists people with addresses matching wildcard_mask.