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MemoServ is a utility allowing IRC users to send short messages to other IRC users, whether they are online at the time or not. Both sender and recipient must have their nicknames registered with NickServ in order to send a memo.

MemoServ's commands include:

SEND Send a memo to a nick

LIST List all of your memos

READ Read a memo

DEL Delete a memo (or all memos)

SET Set options related to memos

Type /msg MemoServ HELP command for help on any of the above commands.

Syntax: DEL {num | ALL}

If a number num is given, deletes that memo from your memo list. If ALL is given, deletes all of your memos.

Syntax: LIST [NEW]

Lists any memos you currently have. With NEW, lists only new (unread) memos. Unread memos are marked with a "*" to the left of the memo number.

Syntax: READ {num | LAST}

Sends you the text of memo number num, or of the last (i.e. most recently received) memo if LAST is given instead of a number.

Syntax: SEND nick memo-text

Sends the named (nick) a memo containing memo-text. The recipient will receive a notice that he/she has a new memo. The recipient's nickname must be registered with NickServ.

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